Keep Up with the Times of Mobile Trading

Keep Up with the Times of Mobile TradingA lot of people are trading various financial instruments including binary options and therefore each and every day we come across something new, for example trading with the help of mobile devices. In actual fact, almost all brokers offer special versions for platforms of mobile phones, tablets as well as separate mobile apps for iPhone and Android. Considering all that, one understands that it becomes possible to open positions everywhere and anytime: at home, at work, business trip etc. Due to a big screen size, new generation of smartphones is extremely suitable for technical analysis and implementation of multiple strategies, e.g news trading strategies in the interim of other business.

Binary Options Mobile Trading Advantages

+ Flexibility – no need to sit in front of a usual PC (personal computer) or in Internet-cafes. All you need is either a smartphone or a tablet along with cellular services. In big cities, the availability of it is at a high level, whereas speaking about suburbs, there might be some areas without connection, yet don’t forget about mobile Internet! It will always save the situation;

+ Simplicity and Availability – receive signals and open positions anywhere and anytime. An opportunity to combine trading with other work or other to-do-things lets people have a stable income apart from the main job or maybe even make trading their career;

+ One Account for Everything – the majority of brokers provide an access to one account from any device;

+ Demo-Accounts – are very similar to the ones on standard PCs. Basically, they can be treated as a “toy”, yet unlike “Angry Birds” you have a chance to make money with it;

+ Market Analysis - it is clear that comparing the screen size of a usual PC and a smartphone, the later loses. Yet it is still possible to make an analysis and open well-thought-out positions instead of acting at the top of the head;

+ Mobility – you shouldn’t sit and wait for the right moment, looking constantly at the monitor because the phone is always with you. It is even easier to cope with stress, excitement and passion;

Binary Options Mobile Trading Disadvantages

  • Connection is Lost – getting into a “dead” area is capable of considerably worsen the situation. In the worst case, traders lose the money;
  • Outdated Info – cellular communication is not always stable and therefore, periodically its speed slows down and traders receive data with a certain delay;
  • Additional Expenses – depend on the cost of mobile Internet provider


Binary Options Brokers that Support Mobile Trading

More and more binary options brokers adapt their high-quality trading platforms for investors who use mobile devices on Android. The main reason for that is the following – great demand from the trader’s side to have an opportunity to monitor their positions as well as take an active part in trading away from a desktop personal computer. As the last statistics demonstrates, almost half of traders require a possibility to trade using Android or iOS operating systems. In respect, many brokers worldwide invest in technologies to copy their platforms on mobile devices. It has led to the point that, the better part of leading brokers offers its clients free mobile apps for trading from smartphones and tablets.

Using mobile devices, a trader can get an access to relatively good charts, an opportunity to buy options instantly and have a complete control over the funds on an account. Android phones which are the most wide-spread offer one the most up-to-date and modern applications for trading purposes. Thus, all large brokerage companies propose multiple apps for Android along with an opportunity to receive high profits by simply hooking into Wi-Fi or cellular service. At this current moment, the best broker for all mobile devices and tablets is 24Option with its perfect and exceptional platform Techfinancial. It is one of the brokers that began developing mobile apps long time ago and therefore its mobile trading results speak for themselves.

Why is Binary Options Mobile Trading so Popular?

With many mobile devices based on either Android or iOS which are dominating on the market, the achievements of these devices can be considered the most groundbreaking and impressive. No matter whether you use a mobile phone or a tablet, brokers will definitely offer you all instruments required for a trading process without any problems. Apart from that, this particular huge mobile trading success has led to the development of high-quality applications which in its turn encourages some sort of competition among all existing brokers thus creating breakthrough technologies and solutions for mobile trading. All these tendencies do a power of good for traders as the above-mentioned apps become quicker, visual instruments better and charts for technical analysis more precise.


Mobile Trading - iPhone vs Android

The pros and pluses of devices based on Android operating system are not limited by the fact that it covers a lot of devices. Unlike its competitor- iPhone, mobile apps for Android are available for a bigger part of phone users, which means a bigger number of traders. Besides, there is also an opinion that unlike iPhone, Android gives an access to a bigger quantity of programs, for instance, Flash. This criterion might be useful and necessary for a proper work of certain platforms and data transmission.

That’s why it becomes clear why some brokers decided to launch trading application through Google before developing the same apps for iPhone.


All trusted and respected brokers offer its clients mobile apps without charging any additional money as well as provide an immediate access to a wide range of shares, currency pairs and commodities. For mobile traders it is really an amazing solution to monitor opened positions and search for new possibilities for trading without limits. For those, who wish to trade in a flexible way using a tablet or any other similar mobile device, the quality of apps will be more important because a big touch screen and its high resolution lets brokers that offer high-quality decisions, stay distinctive from others.

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