Regulated Binary Options Brokers

Regulated Binary Options BrokersCompared to unregulated binary options brokers, it is much safer to trade along with regulated binary options brokers, especially if you are a binary options trader. Are you wondering why most traders prefer regulated binary options brokers? This is due to their desire to hunt for an honest broker who will not touch their money. With a regulated broker, traders are rest assured that they can withdraw their money anytime right from their account.

The Difference Between Unregulated and Regulated Binary Options Brokers

Moreover, regulated binary options brokers are more credible and reliable than those fly by night brokers. Once these regulated brokers claim bankruptcy, you don’t need to fret out. As traders, you are being protected through the investor’s fund. Traders could also verify their license, especially if their brokers are CySEC regulated. If you have complaints with your CySEC regulated broker, don’t hesitate to submit your claims through their designated websites.

Regulated Binary Options Brokers in Europe

It is important to take note that brokers are authorized individuals who are being recognized by the financial regulatory authority. European regulators are known to be MiFID members. This means that only registered brokers at FCA within the United Kingdom can be considered authorized BaFIN financial service providers in Germany as well as AMF in France.

For European regulators, binary options brokers serve as financial services organizations. It is essential that they are strictly regulated by the regulators of their countries. With that, Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (also known as CySEC),one of the famous regulators for binary options brokers, is responsible for Cyprus brokers; it lets them operate in every EU member country. Likewise, ASIC, which is located in Australia, is also starting to regulate different binary options brokers who are exclusively for Australian traders.

As of the moment, there are only a few unregulated brokers who use this deceiving line within their website: “One of the simplest ways in trading the market is through Binary Options.” Since 2008, they have already been in business and ultimately become one of the regulated binary options brokers in Europe through CySEC last May 2012.” Don’t be fooled by these people. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they are actually regulated by CySEC. Though CySEC is hailed as a regulator, you should take note that they don’t have the license. If you are a trader, you should always check the 5-digit license number from CySEC and then conduct a little legwork. Confirm that the license is still valid.

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