Suitable Strategy For Binary Options

Suitable Strategy For Binary OptionsIt is great if you have already set financial goals and started making money for them. But it is still too early to relax. The next level would be to create such a strategy that will help you to increase the funds as soon as possible, thus letting you get close to Rockefellers! Everyone has different priorities and needs. It’s one thing if you wish to receive additional income but totally another if you want to realize certain financial aims: buy a flat, a car etc. For such goals, it is advised and recommended to opt for strategies that really work and bring big money.

Trading Strategy Development

Before we start describing and explaining profitable strategies, let’s first have a look at the criteria (system of rules and regulations which will help in earning quicker and more effective) which is important for the right trading strategy development.


No matter what strategy you use, there are rules that should always be followed as exactly they assist you during the whole process. Yet there are some factors that might prevent you from winning, for instance, risks and inflation makes it harder to make money, whereas time and profitability, on the contrary helps and assists. That’s why it makes sense to reduce the actions of “harmful” factors and increase the actions of useful and effective ones. Now let’s look more precisely at each of them.


The simplest way to avoid any kind of risks is to divide the accumulated funds into several parts and distribute on different instruments. This method is called – risk diversification. For instance, one part of money you invest in shares, another part in securities and third part in buying currency pairs. Investors use diversification in their portfolio too when they buy securities of variable reliability and profitability.

NOTE*** Risks are also well-diversified in stock indexes.

Time is Money

Time and Money – are two factors that cannot exists without each other. It isn’t important “How much” but “How much and When”. Your task is to make the time work for you. For this, we offer you a third rule – always reinvest the earnings. Reinvested earnings – means repeatedly reinvest the income that you receive from the primary asset. For example, you have got a profit from selling some shares/stocks and don’t spend this profit but reinvest it again in shares.


In the world of investments, there exists only one rule: “The more profitable investment instrument you use, the more chances you have to become a successful trader”. At the very beginning of your trading career, the sums of money you make are not big which means that the price of a mistake is also minor. During the first stages you get an invaluable experience, skills and knowledge which you should later use for more profitable and risky instruments, thus doubling or even tripling the income.

NOTE*** With the time, it would be better if you yield to more reliable yet less profitable assets. It should be done to not only get money but also accumulate and save them.


If the main, above-mentioned rules are clear and understandable then let’s move to another part of the right strategy selection – instruments. The market is full of opportunities to increase profits even without your active participation. For example, it can be investments in shares, securities, some funds etc.


Shares are instruments that always have high profitability yet high risks too as not all companies’ shares are suitable for investments. Some shares have a tendency to change the price very often and in a big diapason – high volatility. For more stable share price it is better to opt for low volatility ones. If you are not a professional, then it would be a great idea to consult with an analyst who is capable of giving you advices in terms of the current situation on the market, making company’s fundamental analysis and helping to get high profits with little efforts. The only minor con of shares is that they don’t promise an exact profitability unlike e.g securities. Yet if you are aimed at high income, then shares are exactly what you need.

Let’s Start!

As it was mentioned above, the majority of investors consider that the right selected strategy is more than enough on the way to success. And it true but partially. In order to reach success, you should strike a balance between a financial analysts and a professional poker player. Strategies as profitable instruments are very important for every trader as exactly they help to make the profit. Strategy is a set of rules that are followed by a trader when making decisions as for buying options. The foundation – is basic strategies and there are plenty of them: trend trading, volume trading, Martingale, Scalping, Hedging, news trading and many others.

Technical Binary Trading Strategy

The most important thing in option trading is the right moment of its buying. A great assistant here is technical analysis which predicts the chart movement based on price changes in the past. Technical analysis is based on indicators which send signals to buy an option. Lots of brokers send signals on their own but it is already a paid service. The following strategies are based on technical analysis: moving average, technical trading strategy based on MACD-indicator, Bollinger Bands indicator, EMA/Stochastic and RSI indicators created especially for beginners.

Trader’s Psychology

Psychology is perhaps one of the most significant factors when choosing a strategy. The reasons for that are very simple: the chart changes every second and very often in a very unpredictable and unbelievable way. Therefore, a trader is full of emotions: hope, fear, confidence, regret etc. All these emotions don’t let him think rationally. That’s why psychology – is the key to success in trading. Gradually familiarizing yourself with a trading industry, you achieve your own style, develop your own strategy which will consider all your psychological peculiarities, you will also select a set of profitable instruments that will lead you to the point that dreams DO come true.

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